Looking to the weekend

Well we are half way through the working week, and still I am greeted every evening with a whinney and a shout from tayah, pleased to see me I guess.

Off to Griggs open day with Glenys on Saturday, looking for some bargains ๐Ÿ˜œ

Hoping to go for a ride with tayah on Sunday. Hoping my arm is ok, after my accident a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I am pushing it to soon as only started driving this week following it.

Accident, I hear you say! Lovely mono, Glenys’ little Shetland had been broken to pony trap, only the third time in it, and something spooked him which made me needing to jump out at speed. Only to realise the following day I could have just put my foot on the break ๐Ÿคญ

Spent the evening in A&E but thankfully no real damage. Just a bruised arm and shoulder as well as the bruised ego too.

You will be pleased to know that since this happened mono has been back in the pony trap, and doing fine. He had no damage at all, thankfully.


Nothing like horse kisses & cuddles to brighten your day๐Ÿด๐Ÿ’œ

This week Gatsby has been really loving. Each night whilst mucking out his stable he would come over and nibble the back of my coat for attention. If I don’t move he is then pushing me forward as though saying ‘heherm mum I am here, can we play’?

Today he had a good groom and finally managing to train his mane over to the right side.

Today I think that Gatsby also realised I wasn’t feeling 100%, and wouldn’t leave my side, giving hugs and kisses.

Tayah and Rosie today were ready to come in when I arrived down their yard. Waiting patiently for me to finish beds and feeds.

Hoping to get Gatsby out in his bridle again tomorrow if the weather stays kind.

New bridle

After the mad week of snow, it has now all disappeared to leave lots of wet and windy weather instead. One good thing though is that it does seem to be staying lighter for longer in the evenings. Surely spring time can’t be that far away now ๐Ÿคž

So this last weekend saw the next phase with Gatsby. His new bridle arrived, however a little big so I had to punch another few holes in it. Once sorted I then tried this on him, but I don’t think he was sure about it. Hopefully he will get used to this. He does look good in a bridle though.

I took him for a little walk wearing this, and he was much better. Didn’t do too much as the first time, will try again next weekend.

What a week!

So the weather has not been the best over the last week or so. A mixture of sun and rain showers, then on Thursday the county came to a stand still from the severe snow fall.

Ponies stayed in for a couple of days, which meant that on Saturday they were ready to go out.

Gatsby decided that as he had heard the others running up the field, he would quite like to go and join them. He then started to make squealing noises and bucking in the stable, whilst I was getting his rug ready to put on him.

I wasn’t feeling 100% on Sunday and I think that Gatsby could feel it, because he was insistent in giving me lots of hugs and kisses. He is really becoming such a loving caring friend.

Monday I purchased a bridle for gatsby. This should arrive this week, which means I can start to get him out for exercise. As he is growing and getting stronger, he is a bit too strong in his head collar to walk on the lanes. I feel a little more control is needed. Next weekend will be training time I think.

Christmas has come and gone ๐ŸŽ„

Christmas has now come and gone and Gatsby’s progress continues to grow.

25/12/18 – so Gatsby’s progress this week has moved forward well. On Saturday the carrier came and Gatsby stood still for most of it and let Ryan trim his feet. It was the first meeting and I was really pleased with him.

Before this, Saturday was also the first day that Gatsby was turned out in the same field as Hamish and Mono, which also went really well.

Sunday they stayed in as the weather was quite bad, but we did decide to go for a walk down the lane for some exercise. Gatsby didn’t disappoint here either. He was good and was listening to my voice.

Stayed in on Christmas Day but had a swede, parsnip and carrot on a hanging string for him to play with and try to eat.

6/1/19 – spent my birthday money this week to purchase some new items such as a new show head collar, a ball, and a new rug for gatsby. It didn’t last long after he was turned out, before he rolled and christened his rug. He did look lovely after a grooming session, and he has such a gorgeous flowing kinky tail.

Tayah even enjoyed herself today, after being ridden I turned the girls back out in the field without their rugs for a couple of hours as quite a mild day.

She had a massive roll, and got covered. I now have a bay ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿด. Grooming session I think before bedding down.

Gatsbyโ€™s progress – exercise and field pals.

So this week has seen Gatsby’s progress move forward some more. On Saturday the farrier came and Gatsby stood still for most of it and let Ryan trim his feet.

It was the first meeting and I was really pleased with him. Before this, Saturday was also the day that Gatsby was introduced into the same field as mono and hamish. Again this went really well.

Sunday they stayed in as the weather was quite bad, but we did decide to go for a walk down the lane for some exercise. Gatsby didn’t disappoint here either. He was a good boy and listened mostly to my voice.

Monday, Xmas eve, saw only the 2nd day Gatsby was turned out with mono and hamish in the same paddock. This time they were a little more intrigued with each other, but I was pleased that there wasn’t a lot of running around. I think the 5 weeks spent running with each other either side of the fence have helped them to get used to each other first, and made this transition more smooth for them.

placeholder://Gatsby will be staying in tomorrow as Xmas day, however he will have a swede, carrot & parsnip on a string hanging in the stable for him to play with and eat. Hopefully he will pick this up quickly.

Have a good Christmas everyone and a prosperous new year. ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ„

Gatsbyโ€™s new toy

So it’s been 4 weeks with Gatsby and enjoying every minute. He is so settled albeit mischievous, trying to put his nose in my pocket, use his neck as my scarf when fastening his rug, and if I’m not watching trying to knock over the wheelbarrow whilst mucking out.

The weather has been awful this weekend so not been able to turn out. I therefore introduced Gatsby to his first toy – a treat ball. He seemed to enjoy playing with it, but not sure if has realised how to get the treats out.

Due to not being able to turn out, I decided to take Gatsby for a little walk. Saturday we walked around the yard, but as the other horses were also in their stables, he got a little excited. We walked around the yard a couple of times before heading back to the stable. On Sunday I decided to walk him down the lane a little bit, he was really good and looking around a lot getting used to his surroundings. Hopefully next week we can do some more walking.

Gatsbyโ€™s first week

It’s been one whole week since Gatsby came to his new home, and I am really pleased with how he has settled in.

He has spent a week in the middle paddock so that he can get used to the other horses, before being put in the field with them.

He doesn’t mind this, however as the other horses need to go through the middle paddock to get back to their stable, he has to come in first. This is where he digs his heels ๐Ÿคฃ

He probably thinks that he is the only one coming in and I am sure he will be fine once settled. Next weekend we will try him in the paddock next to mono and Hamish.