Looking to the weekend

Well we are half way through the working week, and still I am greeted every evening with a whinney and a shout from tayah, pleased to see me I guess.

Off to Griggs open day with Glenys on Saturday, looking for some bargains 😜

Hoping to go for a ride with tayah on Sunday. Hoping my arm is ok, after my accident a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I am pushing it to soon as only started driving this week following it.

Accident, I hear you say! Lovely mono, Glenys’ little Shetland had been broken to pony trap, only the third time in it, and something spooked him which made me needing to jump out at speed. Only to realise the following day I could have just put my foot on the break 🤭

Spent the evening in A&E but thankfully no real damage. Just a bruised arm and shoulder as well as the bruised ego too.

You will be pleased to know that since this happened mono has been back in the pony trap, and doing fine. He had no damage at all, thankfully.

Family visiting

Had a busy couple of weeks with family visiting. It has been nice to relax before the busy new college year at work.

Miss Tayah had 2 weeks box rest due to a touch of laminitis again. Caught it early, she is now back out with her friends on limited turn out and soaked hay.


Took Gatsby down to the local equestrian centre to hire the school. As my parents were down visiting, I thought it would be nice to show them Gatsby’s progress with jumping.

Just look at him fly 🥰

He does seem to enjoy it. We are just going steady and taking our time , but I can’t wait to see his progress this time next year.