Looking to the weekend

Well we are half way through the working week, and still I am greeted every evening with a whinney and a shout from tayah, pleased to see me I guess.

Off to Griggs open day with Glenys on Saturday, looking for some bargains 😜

Hoping to go for a ride with tayah on Sunday. Hoping my arm is ok, after my accident a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I am pushing it to soon as only started driving this week following it.

Accident, I hear you say! Lovely mono, Glenys’ little Shetland had been broken to pony trap, only the third time in it, and something spooked him which made me needing to jump out at speed. Only to realise the following day I could have just put my foot on the break 🤭

Spent the evening in A&E but thankfully no real damage. Just a bruised arm and shoulder as well as the bruised ego too.

You will be pleased to know that since this happened mono has been back in the pony trap, and doing fine. He had no damage at all, thankfully.

Spring is on its way!

We are now at the tail end of the wet winter weather (I hope) 😍 We have had 2 days of sunshine, and it looks like there is still another week of dry sunny weather ahead of us. I even saw the first few daffodils coming up along the verge row in the lane this week 🌞🌞

Although it has been lovely and I am so looking forward to a weekend of sunny riding, it will take a lot more to dry out the mud at the yard and in the fields.

It has meant however, that the ponies have so far enjoyed a couple of days without rugs, and the sun on their backs. They have made the most of being turned out naked, coming in at night looking a lovely shade of dirty 😂

Unfortunately with the sun and warmer weather, brings the flies and midges. These don’t agree with Tayah as she is sensitive to the culicoides midges and when they start biting she can develop painful areas. Horses who are sensitive to the culicoides need to be protected. I find that between March and November each year, Tayah is rugged in some sort of fly or sweetitch rug. This helps to keep the flies and midges away from her.

As it means Tayah will have this and other fly rugs on most of the spring, summer and autumn, she is spending as much time I can get away with naked at the moment. I do also provide her with Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch supplement in her feed all year round.

It has been a lovely weekend for pony time and riding. I spent some time with the little ones this weekend.

He’s such a poser
Huckleberry enjoying a scratch from mummy

Sunday had a lovely ride and hoping for a canter across the fields. Unfortunately it was still soggy under foot, so this will have to wait for another day. The amount of rain we have had recently, I think will need another week or two of dry sunny weather to dry out the fields enough. It was still enjoyable though.

Wondering why the girls are out in the field and he is not
On his way to meet up with Brody for our ride

Let’s hope that there are a few more weeks of this lovely riding weather. Also the horses are about ready for a lovely bath 😉