Easter holidays

We have made it to Easter, lockdown seems to be easing slightly, and I now have a week off work for fun and frolics with the horses 😍

Good Friday Gatsby and I had a lesson booked. I was so pleased with him, as it was the longest continuous movement around the arena he has done, and probably only been schooling 4 or 5 times.

One of the videos from today’s lesson taken by my friend

This was my first lesson with Sophie, so she firstly asked about Gatsby’s background, then asked me to just walk, trot and canter so she could get a feel for both of us and find out what we needed to work on 👍 Off we went, on both reins (performed in both directions for those non- horsey readers), Sophie then started to work on our contact and connection.

I instantly thought I already had a good connection with Gatsby, but what I quickly found out is that my contact was not quite correct. I took up more contact in my reins, and started to ride through with my seat. Once Gatsby realised what I was asking of him, he started to relax and I could feel the connection starting to happen. Gatsby is a pleaser, so as long as he is praised when he does something he is asked, he quickly learns from this 🥰

I gave Gatsby the day of on Saturday, as he had worked so hard during his lesson. Also as he is still learning, I don’t want to push him too hard too quickly. So far throughout his training, the slow and steady method has worked the best. Instead I took Tayah out for a short ride up to the triangle and back around the block, she was very vocal 😂 calling for the other two all the way around.

Also on Saturday we decided to do some long reining work with huckleberry, who is ready for the next stage of his training and needing something more for his little brain to focus on.

What a good boy 🥰

Sunday and Monday I went riding with Caz and Rosie. Although I am pleased that Caz decided to let the ponies graze at the bottom whilst she skipped out the stable. At least they got it out of their system before we rode them 😉😂

All fours off the ground in this one 🤣
OMG! 🤦‍♀️
Lovely picturesque Colon Church

The weather has turned cold again this week, but at least it is staying dry for the moment. I have another lesson booked for Saturday morning with Gatsby, and hopefully Sophie sees a difference and improvement as we have been practising our homework.

Back to work next week, but as the evenings are getting lighter, this might mean I can go for a short ride in the week after work.

Thank you to all my followers for reading this instalment of Gatsby and his friends horsey adventures 👍🥰🦄

Until next time 👍